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Genearations was started by Bonei Olam, a not-for-profit charitable organization that helps families with rare medical problems conceive healthy children. Since its founding in 1999, Bonei Olam has assisted in the conception of thousands of healthy babies for families who couldn’t have children or whose previous babies were born with devastating diseases.

In the United States, more than 11,000 babies are born each day. Of those, more than 60 will die as infants, some of them from diseases so rare they have never been accurately described in the medical or research community. For the parents of these children, the only thing as painful as the tragedy of losing a new life is the fear of having another baby who will suffer the same fate.

While each rare disease is present in a small fraction of the population, there are some 7,000 known rare diseases that in aggregate affect some 30 million people in the US alone. Most of these diseases are genetic, and half affect children.

Our mission is to identify and characterize previously undiagnosed, rare genetic diseases that are preventing families from having healthy children. We provide critical answers that enable families to move forward after years of uncertainty and struggling

There are many other rare diseases that remain unknown — they have no medical classification, but are debilitating to the families affected. To serve these families, Bonei Olam established world-class expertise in undiagnosed diseases and built that into Genearations. Our team collaborates with leading scientists, physicians, clinical labs, and genetic testing facilities around the world to provide medical research for families in need. In addition to our New York headquarters and other US sites, we operate branches in Montreal, London, Manchester, Antwerp, and Israel.

As a nonprofit institution, we rely on philanthropic donations to provide essential funding to perform or facilitate the cutting-edge genetic research needed to characterize an unknown disease, identify its underlying genetic cause, and determine a medical approach to enable these families to conceive healthy babies. To date, our work has led to the identification of more than 12 previously unknown genetic mutations and helped hundreds of families in need. Learn more about our peer-reviewed scientific publications here.

This work relies on the use of the latest technological innovations in genetics research. Our team uses approaches including candidate gene mapping, exome sequencing, haplotyping, SNP arrays, and knockout models to better understand the biology of a disease. We pair that with advanced variant detection and analytical tools, including an algorithm we developed to accurately evaluate linkage, to generate new insight into these illnesses. For more information about our services and the technologies we use, click here.

For people struggling with undiagnosed genetic diseases, there are no easy answers, and we cannot guarantee success in identifying every disease. What we can guarantee is our commitment to our mission, to the families we work with, and to continuing our role as a pioneer in elucidating the genetic explanation for diseases that would otherwise remain medical mysteries.