Genearations is a world-class scientific organization that uses its genetics expertise to help families with undiagnosed rare diseases who are looking for ways to have healthy babies or to improve their own health.

We use the most innovative and effective scientific techniques available to determine the genetic cause of these diseases. Depending on the situation, we deploy technologies including candidate gene mapping, exome sequencing, haplotyping, SNP arrays, and knockout models with advanced alignment, annotation, and bioinformatic analysis.

To help these families, we have established collaborations with leading research and medical centers around the world. Our work has been published in many highly regarded, peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Through our center, we have been successfully providing resolution for hundreds of families that have diseases so rare they could not previously be described or diagnosed.

With your financial help, we can provide answers — real scientific data based on DNA — and a path forward to many of the families who come to us looking to avoid the tragedy of passing on a debilitating or fatal disease

About Genearations

Genearations was started by Bonei Olam, a not-for-profit charitable organization that helps families with rare medical problems conceive healthy children.

Since its founding in 1999...


Combined OXPHOS complex I and IV defect, due to mutated complex I assembly factor C20ORF7

This paper reports on a mitochondrial disease affecting two...